AS Chapter 15

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Zhuang Qin changed into lowkey black clothes in the car. Changpao and magua were too conspicuous. If he appeared in a place like a hotel with that outfit, it would be easy to remembered.

When he got on the elevator, he was still chewing gum in his mouth. Holding a thick script in his hand, Zhuang Qin rarely felt very nervous.

He adjusted his breathing. Xiao Lian next to him was searching for nearby takeaways, “It’s good to have some porridge in the evening to warm your stomach.”

The moment they reached the top floor, Zhuang Qin stepped out and realized that this hotel was probably not arranged by Guo Baozhen. Guo Baozhen was short of money now. He won’t book such an expensive hotel, moreover a presidential suite.

He stood in front of the room door and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds, the door opened.

“Come in!” Guo Baozhen immediately invited him in. Zhuang Qin entered the door and greeted Director Guo. Then, he looked around and saw Li Mu.

Although it was already so late, Li Mu hadn’t changed into his pajamas yet. He wore a thin white V-neck sweater. The sharp muscle lines underneath almost could be seen through. The sweater was matched with sports trousers of the same color, and the fabric softly outlines his long legs. He wore a pair of indoor slippers under his feet.

Li Mu was sitting and flipping through the script, and when he saw a man whose entire face was covered coming in, he stood up and nodded in greeting.

Zhuang Qin also nodded when he saw him, “Hello.”

He didn’t know whether he should be surprised. After all, they had met abroad a month ago.

However, he assumed that Li Mu probably didn’t remember it. Zhuang Qin took off his hat and mask. The hairstyle he had became a bit messy, so he raised his hand and pressed it down. Only then did he remember that he hadn’t spitted out the gum in his mouth yet!

“Let me introduce you two.” Director Guo came earlier. He pulled Zhuang Qin over, “This is Zhuang Qin, this is Li Mu. Today should be the first time you two meet each other. I’m sorry it was a bit hasty.”

“Nice to meet you.” Zhuang Qin didn’t know if he should shake hands with him. It was common knowledge that except when filming, Li Mu doesn’t like physical contact with people. He hesitated and ended up didn’t extend his hand.

Li Mu nodded, “Please sit.”

Zhuang Qin, who was still thinking about how to spit out the gum, replied, “Okay, you too.”

They sat on the sofa. The distance between them was about one and a half meters apart. Xiao Lian stood next to Zhuang Qin and secretly looking at the other person. Is there such a handsome amateur actor?

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little stiff, Guo Baozhen coughed and got into the topic, “I made a few lots. We’ll decide which scenes to try by drawing lots. Who will draw?”

He took out a few crumpled paper lots from his jacket pocket. Guo Baozhen asked Li Mu a moment ago about this. Li Mu said that he would listen to the other actor. The other actor, Zhuang Qin, is also a person that chill about everything. He said that it doesn’t matter which scenes, so Guo Baozhen decided to choose it by drawing lots.

Li Mu looked at Zhuang Qin and said, “You can draw it.”

“Okay.” Zhuang Qin did not refuse. He reached out and took one.

Guo Baozhen opened and said, “It’s the thirty-first scene.” In fact, he wanted to say that the key to this drama depended on whether the two actors can cooperate, so the kiss scene is the best choice.

But he was afraid that there would be resistance if two unfamiliar actors suddenly asked to try that scene.

Zhuang Qin’s heart relaxed a bit immediately. The ambiguous scenes would still happen later. He is very familiar with the script now. The thirty-first scene is when the relations between the two people gradually became harmonious. The highlight of this scene is Jiang Zhuo having some thoughts that he shouldn’t have.

“I brought the script.” Zhuang Qin turned to the thirty-first scene’s page.

Indoor/day (late)/bedroom

He quickly skimmed through that page. There were mostly dialogues with a few action prompts. There is almost no physical contact, but this scene had a psychological game. Jiang Zhuo found An Ke was caressing a picture. Suspecting that he is not blind, he thought of a way and examined him.

It seemed that Director Guo specially selected it.

Director Guo also turned to that page, “Can you act this scene? Just try… up to Jiang Zhuo’s lines are over. How about it?”

Zhuang Qin said no objection. Li Mu glanced at the script, and then a low “hm” sounded.

“Then I’ll give you 20 minutes to prepare?” Director Guo glanced at the time and explained that they would start at 10:50.

Some actors might be a bit awkward when playing the scene they are not familiar with. But, considering Li Mu’s character, there was simply no drama he couldn’t play.

Zhuang Qin nodded and was wondering how to spit out the gum without a trace. Xiao Lian next to him suddenly remembered something, “Ah, Brother Zhuang! Did you spit out the gum? Or did you swallow it accidentally?”

Li Mu heard it and glanced at him.

Zhuang Qin: “…”

You don’t have to say it so loudly.

Xiao Lian was unaware of what he had done, and he hurriedly handed him a piece of paper. Zhuang Qin silently lowered his head, spit out the gum, then threw it away. He was too embarrassed to see how Director Guo and the others reacted and thought. Soon after that, he buried his head in the script.

Guo Baozhen went to the light switch and changed it. The light became softer, more comfortable, and easier to relax than at bright light. Zhuang Qin and Li Mu, who was also concentrating on the script, were separated by more than a meter. He picked up the script and closed his eyes.

He is entering the state.

Zhuang Qin had already summed up An Ke’s character’s life a long time ago. He also supplemented all the background that wasn’t written in the script by his imagination. Although it is just a trial play today, it is extremely important. If Li Mu refuses to accept the drama, then the prospects of this drama in the future are hard to say.

If he wants to act realistically and convincingly, he must forget all his emotions and enter the character’s emotions.

Xiao Lian was sitting quite far away and was browsing the Weibo. This evening’s red carpet pictures have been released, and fans almost didn’t edit it and only added a filter. The mix of cold colors in Zhuang Qin’s attire today were stunning. Fans in the comment area have already turned into screaming chickens. It is estimated that it will soon be rushed to the hot search. Xiao Lian skillfully entered the fan group and called on fans to control the comments.

At present, the company has also canceled the bought navy package year for Zhuang Qin. Still, that’s all right. It didn’t surpass his top-tier fans.

Director Guo stood by the window and sneaked out his phone to take a picture of the presidential suite.

He used to work as a reporter, and this habit of taking photos while no one paid attention has not changed. Once, he took advantage when the host was making tea to sneaked a shoot. The bodyguards almost kicked him out.

Twenty minutes quickly ended.

“Are you ready?” Director Guo walked over.

Zhuang Qin nodded. His eyes are still closed, and his hands hold an opened wallet with a photo of him and his Shifu’s family in the theatrical troupe inside.

Li Mu put the script aside and entered the state directly. His tone changed, “What are you looking at?”

Guo Baozhen nodded inwardly. Although he is not a professional actor, Li Mu is obviously brilliant. He could control his expression, manner of speaking, and body. All of it blends with the character he plays.

Soon, An Ke opened his eyes.

Director Guo was standing on the side, and his eyes shook when he saw him.

The role of An Ke is highly shortsighted. Both eyes are almost blind because of an accident in his childhood. It is very difficult to perform the eyesight of a blind person. If necessary, many actors had to wear specific cosmetic contact lenses.

But his unfocused eyes are too good!

Jiang Zhuo stood up, walked to his side, looked down, and saw the photo, “Is this you in the picture? Is this couple your parents?”

An Ke hurriedly closed his arm, covering the photo with his palm, and did not speak.

“This kid is you, right? Could you see at that time?” Jiang Zhuo squatted down and stared at the young boy’s eyes. His voice was calm, and his tone even had a subtle gentleness.

An Ke opened his eyes and stared at the air with a smile on the corner of his mouth. “It’s me. Can you help me see whether I still look like then?”

Director Guo didn’t expect Zhuang Qin to be able to perform this good. He began to regret that he didn’t bring the camera equipment. Then, he quickly took out the mobile phone to record.

“Yes, you didn’t change much. How did your eyes got injured?” Because the boy couldn’t see, Jiang Zhuo’s gaze was straightforward. He stared straight at those dark eyes. He looked from his brows, and then it swept to the bridge of the nose, lips, and chin. Jiang Zhuo carefully looked over each part before finally returned to the seemingly unchanged eyes.

From childhood to adult, people will change.

The look in his eyes pulled Li Mu in almost instantly. Suddenly, he could experience what the assassin feel.

“Car accident.” An Ke was very calm. He held the photo and put away the wallet. His tone was flat, “My parents are dead. A fragment of glass pierced my eye, and a lot of blood came out.”

“I was only eight years old.” He said, “After my parents passed away, my uncle brought me here. But he hasn’t returned for a long time…”

Jiang Zhuo knew that his uncle was a heinous drug dealer and died not long ago in a firefight. He asked him, “Do you want to see him?”

“…No.” An Ke’s chest rose and fell, which meant that his mood was not calm at all. Yet he didn’t tell the reason. His eyes were hollow and dark.

Their eyes had been in contact for seven or eight seconds. Their faces were very close. Li Mu stared at his eyes that were completely different from those outside the scene. He pulled out in an instant, and then he smelled something like a body scent. Perhaps it’s the shampoo with almond fragrance. It was very light and faint, and there seemed to be a strange and subtle feeling rising in his heart.

An Ke’s eyelashes trembled. According to the script, Li Mu should make a movement at this time, which was to run his fingertips across his eyes.

He raised his hand, his fingertips passed over the eyelashes, yet it only touched the lashes, not the skin.

His fingertips were somewhat itchy, and he took over the line, “Your eyes are beautiful, don’t cover them.”

The assassin’s most taboo is curiosity, and he has already committed a taboo.

They continued to look at each other and stayed still. Zhuang Qin closed his eyes then turned his head away.

Li Mu looked at him for a few seconds, then sat back. His emotions slowly calmed down.

Zhuang Qin’s emotions have also stabilized. Although it was only a small demonstration of his skills, his method to inhabit a role is similar to schizophrenia. His personality retreated to the depths of his heart and locked itself. Then the sub-personality, which represented the role’s identity, controlled his body. When entering the play, all his behaviors are not deliberate. Rather, it was a natural expression. For the same reason, the disengagement from the role will be slower.

His acting teacher said that this method is not worth doing.

Director Guo turned on the light, and the bright light illuminated. He exhaled a breath and slowly controlled himself.

Director Guo looked pleased and applauded fiercely from the heart. “Both of two just met for the first time, and the first time you tried the scenes, you were able to have such a tacit understanding! It was a match made in heaven!”

The play seemed to be calmed down, but actually, a deep emotion burst out beneath it. Zhuang Qin’s performance greatly exceeded his expectations. It can be said to be impeccable! Li Mu’s performance was a bit inferior to Zhuang Qin and it seemed like he didn’t get into the role too deep. It should be because he only got the script for a short time. But he obviously has acting skills, and when the two of them work together, they unexpectedly had the tension and feeling. It made people can’t help holding their breath to explore the secrets behind the characters.

Xiao Lian opened the thermos and poured water for Zhuang Qin. To be honest, he hadn’t read the script yet and didn’t know much about acting, but he was surprised.

Brother Zhuang completely became a different person just now!

Compared with the drama filmed last year, his acting skills have improved a lot!

Seeing that Zhuang Qin seemed to be very tired, Director Guo said to Li Mu, “Should we stop here for today’s trial? It’s not too early. The contract matter…” He was about to explain that he would talk about it online when he heard Li Mu said, “I’ll take the play.”

Zhuang Qin suddenly lifted his head.

Guo Baozhen is overjoyed. “Really? That’s great! Then I will put you two into the group. Please wait for the other actors’ contract to be finalized, and I will pull you in again. Teacher Zhuang?”

Zhuang Qin said “um” and stood. When Xiao Lian looked at his appearance and said, “Director, he has worked for a whole day today, and he is still hungry. I will take Brother Zhuang to rest now.”

“Eh? He hasn’t eaten yet?”

Xiao Lian said, “I had ordered the takeaway. It has been delivered to the front desk.”

Director Guo nodded, “Oh, then you should go get it so you can go back and rest.”

“I don’t know if there are paparazzi outside. Brother Zhuang will be staying at this hotel tonight. I’ll book a room for him.”

“That’s good. Here, don’t forget the cup.”

Zhuang Qin nodded to Guo Baozhen, and then to Li Mu, “Bye.”

He and Xiao Lian walked out of the room. Then, Xiao Lian immediately said, “Brother Zhuang, what is this script about? I’m so excited while watching it earlier! I even got goosebumps!”

“It is a crime movie. It is about a professional killer in Southeast Asia that run into trouble. He then met a Chinese teenager living alone. Afterwards, the two lived together…” After entering the elevator, he was still telling the whole plot, “If you are interested, you can read the script.”

He finally came out of the character, and he already forgot himself during the acting a moment ago. He forgot what lines he said and what actions he did. He couldn’t remember many details.

Xiao Lian swiped the card to open the door and said, “Please take a rest first. I’ll go down to get the takeaway.”

Soon, Xiao Lian took the takeaway porridge and went upstairs. When he saw Zhuang Qin looking for something, he asked him, “Brother Zhuang, what are you looking for?”

“Have you seen my scarf? Did I wear it when I get out of the car?” 

“Should it be in the car?” Xiao Lian was not sure either. “By the way, Brother Zhuang, when you were acting earlier, I picked up a call from Song Ke. He said your trophy is in his place. If you’re free, you should reply a message to him.”

Zhuang Qin said “oh” twice. He took out his mobile phone and sent a message back to Song Ke, saying he’ll go to his place another day.

At this moment, the doorbell suddenly heard.


The person outside the door answered, “Waiter.”

Xiao Lian went to open the door. The waiter pushed the dining cart and said, “Your meal is here.”

“Huh?” Xiao Lian turned around and asked Zhuang Qin, who was in the room, “Brother Zhuang, did you order some dishes?”

Zhuang Qin said no. Xiao Lian asked the waiter, “Is it a mistake?” He looked down at the covered dishes in the dining cart. He didn’t know what they were, but he could smell the aroma.

“There is no mistake,” the waiter glanced at the list. “It was ordered by a gentleman in the presidential suite. The meal cost is included in his room charge. He is dining out tonight, so this is free.”

Xiao Lian let out an “ah!”. His eyes widened, and he understood.

“All right, thank you.”

The waiter pushed the dining cart in, put the dishes on the balcony dining table, and then went out. Zhuang Qin was in another room all the time and was not seen.

When the door was closed, Xiao Lian went to call Zhuang Qin, “Brother Zhuang, Brother Zhuang! This is ordered from the presidential suite. Isn’t this from the actor who was acting with you just now! Does he want to hug your thigh??”

The author has something to say:

Li Mu: What I want to hold is more than a thigh

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